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Faith Formation and Lay Ecclesial Ministry

The Office of Faith Formation and Lay Ecclesial Ministry provides resources, consultation, and networking for catechetical and evangelization ministries, as well as recruiting, supporting, and overseeing lay ecclesial ministers in all areas of parish life.  

Catechesis, a ministry of the Word essential in the process of evangelization, matures initial conversion into a living, conscious, and fruitful confession of faith. The principal goal is the catechesis of adults, the primary form of catechesis to which all other forms are oriented. This catechesis is a lifelong process of formation in faith, hope and charity that shapes the mind, touches the heart, and leads persons to embrace Christ fully and completely. The Office strives primarily to enable adults to fulfill their responsibility and privilege to share this faith with other adults, youth, and children.

“Lay ecclesial ministry” is a general term for a variety of positions held by non-ordained people who provide substantial leadership in pastoral, catechetical, liturgical, and musical ministry.  Such lay leaders collaborate with and are under the authority of priests and the bishop. 

Beginning in 2022, the focus of the newly renamed Office of Faith Formation and Lay Ecclesial Ministry will include developing a process for appropriate personal, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral formation and ongoing support of those entrusted with such ministries.  This new focus aligns with Bishop Bonnar’s vision for a people- and mission-oriented Church. 

Lay Ecclesial Ministry

All Christian persons by nature of their Baptism, and strengthened by Confirmation, are called to pass on the faith with a zeal for bringing others closer to Christ and the Church.  Some persons have a particular call to participate in the work of the church as professionally prepared lay ecclesial ministers.  These persons share responsibility for various areas including pastoral care, adult faith formation, youth and young adult ministry, family and children catechesis, sacramental preparation, liturgy, music, and evangelization.  If you have ever wondered about becoming prepared for a parish ministry position, please contact Barbara Walko for assistance in discerning academic and experiential qualifications with a possible path toward meaningful and life giving discipleship.

Graduate Study for Ministry

Forms for DREs/Pastoral Ministers

Directory for Catechesis

Resources for Lifelong Learning

Diocesan Library

Catechist Café

Preschool Stories & Scripture

Diocesan Curriculum for Catechesis

Courses & Certification

Catechist & Teacher Courses

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Diocesan Certification

Ministry for & with People with All Abilities

The Office of Faith Formation & Lay Ecclesial Ministry is here to support your efforts towards the inclusion of all people in sacramental preparation, liturgical ministries, and community building, because everyone is loved and needed in the Church. Catechist Cafe and the Diocesan Library offer many useful resources to help you and your Catholic organization become more adaptive to special needs and abilities.

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