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Vowed Religious

Religious Life

Are You Showing Signs of A Religious Vocation?

  • Do you enjoy conversing with God through prayer?
  • Does ministry in your parish or service to others energize you?
  • Does the idea to be and give more as a brother, sister or priest keep coming back time and again?
  • Does your relationship with God invigorate you to the point of wanting to share the Good News with others?.
  • Do you feel a recurring tug in your heart to give yourself to God and to serve others?

If you answer, “Yes,” to two or more of these, then you may have a vocation to religious life.

For More Information, Contact:

Sister Joyce Candidi

Sr. Joyce Candidi

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Women's Religious Orders

Men's Religious Orders

Role In The Church

“Consecrated persons have the task of bearing witness to the transforming presence of God in a world ever more disoriented and confused.” (Pope Benedict XVI to Superiors of Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life)

Consecrated Life is to mirror Christ’s way of life, which is a rich manifestation of Gospel values. Consecrated Life proclaims and in a certain way anticipates the future age when the fullness of the kingdom of heaven, already present in its first fruits and in mystery will be achieved, and when the children of the resurrection will take neither wife nor husband, but will be like the angels of God (cf. Mt 22:30 and the document on Consecrated Life, Vita Consecrata #320

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Vowed religious

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